Traffic management is an important part of planning for a variety of organisations, events and ongoing businesses. If you’re not sure of what your traffic management obligations are, or are having trouble working out what to submit in order to get the licenses and approvals you need, SafeWay Traffic Management Solutions is here to help. We will carefully plan, design and draft a traffic control or traffic management plan that suits the specific needs and local demands of your situation.

Our trained and seasoned staff use specialist software to keep track of all requirements as they are investigated and fulfilled. This process means a faster development of the layout of all site specific projects, including detailed maps and signage that suits the conditions.

The selection and implementation of traffic control measures varies greatly between projects, which is why we always take a fully customised approach. They could include everything from physical barriers and electronic signs, to traffic control personnel on site at all times. These must always be based in legal and regulatory standards, including the Australian Standards “Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Work on Roads”, overarching federal law, state government standards for infrastructure, and local council regulations which vary depending on the type of business or event.

Your finished report will be clear and easy to understand, and we’ll go through it with you to make sure you understand everything. In addition, we know how much information and what kind of data is required by third parties and authorities who are stakeholders in the safety of workers, drivers, site users and passers-by. This could include everyone from the city, to emergency services, to neighbouring businesses that need to maintain access to their premises at all times throughout the project or event. Signage, equipment hire and ongoing traffic control services is a big part of what we offer; we know how to implement every single thing we recommend, and we can do as little or as much of it as you decide.

Not sure what level of services you require? No worries. The team at SafeWay are available to answer your queries at all times. You can request a quote and more information about the scope of our services by using the contact form to the right, or by emailing more detailed questions to If your quote is urgent or you just have the one key query, give us a call on 1800 987 891.