At SafeWay Traffic Management Solutions, we take into account a number of different factors with each work site or event site on which we operate. Here’s an example of just some of the key considerations for a construction site:

1. Have nearby intersections been considered?
2. What about nearby junctions and roundabouts?
3. What is the regular traffic flow in this area?
4. Do we need space for loading ramps or bays?
5. Is there an adequate distance for signage?
6. Where does warning signage need to be placed?
7. Is there parking space nearby?
8. Will the control measures we use be safe for local traffic approaching at its regular speed?
9. How much traffic (volume) does this area experience at each time of day?
10. Has provision been made for public transport?
11. Can trucks and excavators access the site safely without causing excessive obstruction?
12. How will local residents and businesses be affected?
13. Has room/an alternative pathway been made for pedestrians and cyclists?
14. Are there any overhead power lines to be considerate of?
15. What provisions need to be made for public transport?
16. What time of day will work occur, and how will this affect the necessary traffic management?
17. What railway crossings, pedestrian crossings etc. do we need to be aware of?
18. How long before works do we need to provide notification to stakeholders?
19. Will proposed detours, if any, be feasible?
20. How will workers be commuting to the worksite? Is there an alternative to reduce congestion?
21. Will emergency vehicles need to access/pass through the area? How will they be accommodated?
22. Will individual lanes/whole roads be closed? How will this be ameliorated?
23. What structures are needed to protect pedestrians and cars from the site?
24. What security providers are contracted for the site, and what are their plans?
25. What season are works to be conducted in? How will this affect safety measures?
26. Are there any environmental considerations, such as nearby wildlife populations (koala crossings, etc)
27. Are there any major events or other works nearby that may further impact the traffic management plan?
28. What signage is needed?
29. What physical barriers are needed?
30. Which onsite personnel are required?
31. What do site supervisors and other stakeholders need to know?
32. Have all key people – managers, council officials etc. – been fully briefed on the traffic management plan?

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