Sydney’s Smartest Traffic Control Services in Australia

Keeping Australian roads safe often requires prompt traffic control solutions, whether it be in times of emergencies or to assist with construction projects and special events. SafeWay Traffic Management Solutions (TMS) is one of the leading traffic control companies in Sydney, offering a selection of effective plans, equipment, and experienced traffic controllers for hire.

SafeWay’s team strives to provide comprehensive traffic control services across NSW, including the North/South Coast and the Greater Western Sydney region. Using our ten years of experience in the industry, our knowledgeable staff will  ensure safe and cost-effective solutions to better manage road users.
If you would like to learn more or receive a quote, please contact us at SafeWay today by calling 1800 987 891.

Why Choose Our Traffic Controllers for Hire in Sydney?

When it comes to the proper organisation of your roadworks or on-site traffic control, it is essential to hire traffic controllers that express and commit to a range of values, including safety, reliability, and affordability. As a result, there are many reasons you should contact SafeWay over other companies in Sydney, including:

Traffic controllers sydney

Safety is our priority

Safety is always our first concern here at SafeWay, including the safety of our employees, our clients and the many road users depending on us for solutions. We ensure every site has been properly planned and fitted with the correct signage and equipment to maintain the highest level of safety, leaving teams to conduct their operations in the most optimised and efficient environment to boost productivity.

A wide range of traffic control services

From traffic, to safety, to message boards, SafeWay has what you require, when you need it. Need help determining what you need to hire from our traffic controllers? Let us know the nature and scope of your project, and we’ll be happy to create a solution that meets your requirements.
As one of the industry leaders in traffic control services across Sydney, SafeWay provides a one-stop shop for all your traffic control needs.

Personalised Service

From small community events to large construction projects in Sydney, we painstakingly ensure we’re creating a traffic control solution that directly fits your specific requirements. After identifying your needs, we provide a site survey in order to determine the best equipment for your situation. We offer our traffic controller hire services 24/7, making us a great choice for regular projects as well as emergency issues.

Who needs traffic control services

Any business which operates on or near roads or pedestrian access ways is required by law to have some form of vehicle management plan:

  • Road, parks or buildings maintenance

  • Road, parks or buildings maintenance

  • Asphalt, line marking and spray sealing

  • Building Construction

  • RTA works

  • Public events

  • TV & Film

  • Concrete pouring and pumping

  • Councils

  • General building and contracting

SafeWay Traffic Control Services Across Sydney and Beyond:

We offer a range of traffic services to cater for your needs and all conducted by our highly trained team of traffic controllers for hire. We partner with organisations of all sizes in a myriad of industries, such as the infrastructure sector, construction, and civil works, building maintenance, landscaping, public events, and many more. Our full selection of traffic control services include:

  • Management Plans

  • Professional Traffic Management Team

  • RTA Accredited Traffic Controllers

  • Qualified & Certified staff (Green Card, Blue Card, Yellow Card etc)

  • 24 Hour service and Emergency Response

  • Australian Standards and RTA Approved Traffic Control Equipment & Signage

  • We use high-quality vehicles and equipment. Our vehicles are fuel efficient to reduce fuel costs and environmental impact
  • Consultation and Liaison with Local Authorities

SafeWay can supply a comprehensive range of Plant & Equipment Hire, YOU CAN SEE THEM ON OUR GALLERY PAGE

SafeWay can supply a comprehensive range of Plant & Equipment Hire, YOU CAN SEE THEM ON OUR GALLERY PAGE

Our Processes for Traffic Control Services in Sydney

SafeWay is greatly sought after in Sydney thanks to our proven processes for delivering well-suited and customised solutions to our clients. Rather than a one-size-fits-all policy, we instead take the time to listen to our clients’ objectives, their unique worksites, and recommend and implement tailored strategies to deliver the best results. This follows:


Traffic Management Planning

Job Hazard & Safety Analysis


If road safety is your company’s priority, and you would also like to improve the productivity and output of your operations, please call the expert traffic controllers for hire at Safeway TMS in Sydney. We want to show you why our rigorous standards and a long-standing good reputation for thoroughness in traffic control services are so highly prized in the industry.

To find out more about our services and how we compare to other companies, please call the Sydney road experts on 1800 987 891 today, send an email directly to, or leave your preferred contact details on our online enquiry form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the information you require.