It doesn’t matter whether you’re hosting an event, completing a building project or conducting important utility upgrades, if your business is obstructing roads or footpaths, it needs a comprehensive traffic control plan. However, to obtain the proper permits and abide by important legislation, you must account for a myriad of local stakeholders. Ranging from nearby residents to business owners and passersby, minimising your operation’s impact on traffic and road availability is a crucial responsibility.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert in traffic management when you can partner with highly experienced traffic control companies like Safeway Traffic Management Services.

As a leading operation for traffic control solutions in metro Sydney and throughout New South Wales, our talented team has what it takes to produce the ideal plan for your business needs. With a wealth of experience from working on jobs big and small, we know how to develop a traffic control plan in NSW that ensures your business fully complies with the law.

Remember, a proper traffic management plan is fundamental to keeping workers and the public safe from hazards, so you need to take your responsibilities seriously. Here, we provide a comprehensive overview of traffic control plans in NSW to help you understand the time, energy and thought that goes into developing a robust solution that achieves our clients’ needs.

Who Needs A Traffic Control Plan?

If your business is operating on or near roads and pedestrian paths, the law requires you to develop and implement a sufficient traffic management plan. For example, if you need to obstruct a road to make space for large machinery or trucks, you need to consider how a traffic management plan will keep workers and the broader public safe while minimising any inconvenience caused by your project.

With a detailed plan in place, you can determine what kind of signage is required on the worksite and nearby tributary roads. Meanwhile, you might need to install safety barriers or have personnel direct local traffic in a safe and controlled manner. Whether you have a commercial lease that requires a long-term plan or need a traffic management strategy to mitigate high-risk temporary conditions, getting the right advice is essential to success.

Featuring over a decade of experience, our experienced team of traffic management professionals will work closely with your organisation to develop a suitable plan that satisfies each and every stakeholder. This way, you can complete your project with safety, performance and efficiency. Below, we delve into how we design and implement a thorough traffic control plan specific to the needs of your business and its projects.

How We Create Traffic Control Plans

Traffic control plans can’t just be an afterthought. Businesses are required by the law and regulatory standards – such as the ‘Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices’ – to have a traffic management plan when obstructing roads or footpaths. Plus, you must consider federal laws, local council regulations and more.

Navigating this process can get complicated, but you’re not alone. The team at Safeway TMS knows what it takes to create a comprehensive, precise plan that rises above expectations. So, how do we do it? These are the fundamental steps we take to ensure your business meets every obligation both legally and within the community.


Before you can commence your project, determining the needs of your traffic control plan is vital. If you partner with Safeway TMS, we’ll engage in a thorough consultation to ensure we fully understand your plans and how they affect public areas. This ranges from the duration of your project to the number of vehicles and plants required.

Then, we’ll use this information-gathering stage to inform the rest of our work, enabling us to develop an exhaustive plan that accounts for the full spectrum of factors and stakeholders. Ultimately, this initial step is crucial for us to understand your needs and how we can implement effective solutions that enhance the outcome.


There are countless nuances behind a successful traffic control plan. For example, there are different laws and regulations associated with roads depending on whether they’re controlled by Transport for NSW (TfNSW), local government authorities or private bodies. Our experts make determining details like these simple.

During the research phase, we also identify how traffic flows along the affected roads. As this process is crucial for choosing the correct signage type and size, this survey is fundamental to keeping your workers and the public safe from potentially dangerous situations while reducing delays and hassle.

Site Visits

Next, we conduct extensive site visits to fully understand the local conditions and how this may impact the strategy required. This process is critical to successfully implementing a traffic control plan, as you can’t develop a sincere appreciation for the local context without seeing the situation for yourself.

For instance, the speed of local traffic and road conditions are an obvious factor. However, there are more subtle areas we know to look for, such as the positioning of conflicting signage, bus stops and emergency routes. As these can all cause problems for your strategy and the public, identifying them is critical.

Design and Submission

After consulting with our clients about their specific needs and conducting our own research, we’re ready to design your traffic control plan. Led by our professionally accredited personnel, we use specialised design software to present the signs, requirements and layout relevant to your site-specific project.

Finally, we’ll submit these plans to the relevant authorities for approval. If issues are identified with the traffic control plan, we can work through these to ensure your project receives the permits it needs to go ahead as soon as possible. Throughout every stage of the process, our experienced team remains by your side.

Stakeholder Notifications

The work doesn’t stop once you’ve secured the necessary permits. Although you’re obligated to create a traffic control plan and gain approval from the relevant authorities, stakeholders like nearby residents and business owners will also appreciate knowing how their commerce or commute will be affected.

If you don’t notify others about your plans, you might encounter a public relations crisis due to unhappy locals. However, Safeway TMS can take charge of the situation. By organising letter drops, mobile variable message signs, and newspaper and radio ads up to a month in advance, we can help your business avoid any issues.

Why Choose Safeway TMS for Traffic Control Plans?

Ready to create a comprehensive traffic control plan? The team at Safeway TMS knows what it takes to deliver a hassle-free experience. These are just some of the reasons we’re one of the industry’s leading traffic management companies in New South Wales.

Available 24/7, 365 days

At Safeway TMS, we understand that many projects function outside traditional working hours. That’s why our team is available round-the-clock every day of the year. Whether you’re putting together a temporary traffic control plan or require an emergency response, we’re here to help your operation achieve its goals no matter the issues you encounter.

Fast Online Quotes

Time is of the essence when it comes to developing a robust traffic management strategy. For that reason, we provide fast online quotes so our clients can focus on the things that really matter. Simply provide the key details about your project through our contact page to request an estimate. Alternatively, give us a call on 1800 987 891 to speak to our experts.

Competitive Prices

Designing and implementing a detailed traffic control plan doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, Safeway TMS prices its services extremely competitively compared to other operators in the space. Supported by our highly skilled team, in-depth experience and 24/7 service, our prices offer clients exceptional value for money.


When you partner with Safeway TMS, you never have to worry about our team’s qualifications. All employees receive ongoing training in traffic management, planning, control and more to keep up with the latest industry standards. Plus, individual team members are certified in specialised areas, enabling them to take charge of technical traffic control tasks.

Trusted by the Best

Not just anyone should be trusted to handle your company’s traffic control plan. Don’t forget – these strategies are crucial to the safety of your workers and the public. Therefore, letting an inexperienced team create your plan is a risky decision. Safeway TMS is trusted by some of the biggest building companies thanks to our impressive skill and attention to detail.

Industry Experience

Having established our reputation as one of the leading traffic management companies in New South Wales, we’re been involved with the full range of jobs. From large-scale construction projects to community events, our ability to create and execute effective traffic control plans for our clients’ needs is unmatched.

Create a Traffic Control Plan in NSW Today

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