Taking charge of traffic control is essential when embarking on an ambitious building or infrastructure project. While many companies fail to plan properly for this process, it’s undoubtedly crucial to managing relationships with local stakeholders, reducing costs and abiding by a myriad of laws and regulations.

Although you have many traffic control companies in Sydney to choose from, Safeway TMS has consistently proven to be one of the leading operators in the space. Featuring over a decade of experience, understanding how our skilled traffic control team benefits your construction business ensures you implement a robust plan.

What Do Traffic Control Companies Do?

Ready to partner with a traffic control company in Sydney? The experts at Safeway TMS have what it takes to plan and execute a comprehensive traffic control plan that helps your operation achieve its goals. Here, we explore how our extensive list of traffic control management services provides your business with top-notch support.

Control Services

Skilled traffic control is vital for keeping your workers and the public safe. With our experienced team knowing what it takes to safely guide trucks, heavy machinery and personnel from A to B, we ensure your project reaches its objectives while minimising hazards. Today, we operate across metropolitan Sydney, the Greatest Western Sydney region, and the North and South coasts.

Sign and Equipment Hire

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper signage and equipment when undertaking traffic control. Safeway TMS is a go-to supplier for the full range of traffic control devices, plants and equipment, ensuring your business benefits from the latest tools. This way, you can keep your messaging and directions clear, making for a safer and more productive worksite and surrounding environment.

Management Plans

If your construction project blocks nearby roads and footpaths, your business must implement a research-driven traffic control management plan. Fortunately, Safeway TMS is renowned for its detailed process, where we provide close consultation, research worksites, design tailored plans and navigate stakeholders, including government bodies. With our help, you can get your project approved and heading in the right direction.


Traffic control management is far more than just putting a few stop signs in place. A comprehensive solution ensures your business responds to ever-changing traffic flow, ideally causing the least disruption and complying with laws and regulations. Our engineering services consider numerous complex factors that help your projects rise above these evolving needs.

How Do Traffic Control Companies Benefit Construction Projects?

Now we’ve covered the services offered by leading traffic control companies like Safeway TMS, you might wonder how your business benefits. Below, we explore just some reasons why investing in traffic control management saves your business money while improving productivity and abiding by regulations.

Cost Savings

While it’s easy to think of traffic control management as an unnecessary cost, it can save your business significant money in the long run. With construction sites bustling with activity, it’s easy to imagine accidents happening between people and vehicles. By implementing a robust traffic control plan, you can minimise the risk of injury, costly insurance claims and legal disputes.

Stakeholder Management

No matter your construction project, it’s bound to involve your business needing to navigate complex relationships with various stakeholders, such as local business owners, residents and council policies. If you work with the experienced team at Safeway TMS, we can help guide you through this process, saving you meaningful time and energy as you work towards your objectives.

Regulatory Compliance

There’s always an array of challenging laws and regulations to follow when working on construction and infrastructure projects. Instead of needing to become an expert in these rules yourself, you can partner with the experts at Safeway TMS. We have what it takes to help your business avoid unnecessary fines and punitive action, reducing your costs and keeping things running smoothly.

Improved Productivity

Traffic control isn’t just about preventing expensive accidents and staying on the right side of the law; it also improves productivity on your worksite. By giving workers and suppliers safe and seamless access to your construction site, you can enhance efficiency to complete your project on time and within budget. By avoiding delays, your business can potentially save huge expenses.

Why Choose Safeway TMS for Traffic Control?

While there are numerous traffic control companies in Sydney, Safeway TMS has proven to be the most dependable service available. By providing our clients with a hassle-free experience, we’ve helped companies big and small take charge of their projects and achieve their business goals throughout New South Wales.

Round-The-Clock Service

We know that most construction projects have tight deadlines and even tighter budgets. That’s why our experienced team is available 24 hours, 365 days a year. This way, we can execute outstanding traffic control management plans or provide a rapid emergency response when you encounter a problem.

Fast Online Quotes

You don’t have to wait for an answer when dealing with Safeway TMS. Our helpful customer service team is always on hand to respond to online quotes with minimal delay. Just submit the essential details about your project through our contact page to receive an estimate or call us on 1800 987 891 to reach our knowledgeable team.

Competitive Prices

Safeway TMS is proud to price its traffic control services competitively against other Sydney operators. Supported by our tailored solutions, our clients and their construction projects benefit from our unmatched expertise, 24/7 service and qualified team members.

Industry Experience

At Safeway TMS, we know that because every construction project is different. That’s why every traffic control plan we produce is highly specific to our client’s needs. Our talented team has enormous experience working on projects of every scale, ensuring we have what it takes to design and deliver a plan that surpasses your expectations.

Create a Traffic Control Plan in NSW Today

Ready to partner with the best traffic control company in Sydney? Get in touch with the friendly team at Safeway TMS to find out how we can help your business navigate its construction projects with ease. Call us on 1800 987 891 or submit an online enquiry – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.