COVID Marshal

COVID Marshals are people who are assigned to assist in the management of identified businesses and operations to apply the COVID Directions and restrictions.

A COVID Marshals’ role is to take reasonable actions to ensure that all staff, patrons and other people on-site comply with COVID Safe practices, such as physical distancing, capacity limits, infection control, and hygiene rules.

In relation to their workplace, COVID Marshals should ensure it is appropriately established and prepared for COVID-Safe operations. E.g. tables are spaced adequately apart, sufficient hand sanitiser and cleaning products are in stock and available, staff are aware of the appropriate cleaning procedures etc.

In addition to having completed training, COVID Marshals must have a copy of, and understand the obligations and recommendations contained in, their business or activity’s Plans, policies or protocols. Business owners/operators should speak to and work with their COVID Marshals to ensure they are ready to perform their role with success.

*A COVID Marshal is required for the following prescribed operations:

  • Onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverages (indoors or outdoors).

  • Religious or faith-based ceremonies (other than wedding ceremonies or funeral services).

  • Supermarkets and hardware stores

  • Distribution centres (including associated transport operations)

  • Gymnasiums and fitness centres

  • Swimming pools used by the public

  • Sporting clubs

  • Any activity where a COVID Management Plan is required

  • Any operation which may be defined by the state coordinator

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